“I was wondering what would break first; your spirit or your body.”

Bane, The Dark Knight Rises

The following contains spoilers from recent chapters in My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

The Deku we once knew is slowly ceasing to exist. Since his battle with the deadly supervillain Lady Nagant, Deku has been relentlessly hunting for All For One and Tomura Shigaraki. He has been battling every supervillain he encounters and answers every cry for help he hears. However, all of Deku’s efforts are starting to turn on him.

As a result of non-stop fighting and rescuing, Deku is running himself ragged. His control over the One For All quirk may be improving, but he is becoming more exhausted with each fight. The fact that he has multiple quirks has caused the public to wonder if he is working for All For One. His costume and equipment are also experiencing a lot more wear and tear than normal, giving him a haggard and intimidating appearance. All of these factors have made Deku feared by both supervillains and the very people he rescues.

To make matters worse, Deku is pushing away everyone around, including All Might and the vestiges of One For All. Due to having the Search quirk, All For One and Shigaraki can hunt Deku down no matter where he is. This puts everyone around him in danger. Deku also remembers Sir Nighteye’s prediction about All Might’s death. These factors makes Deku determined to keep everyone he cares about out of harm’s way. He believes he can only do that by hunting All For One and Shigaraki alone.

While All Might and most of the vestiges of One For All fear for Deku’s well being, the second user’s vestige believes that Deku is on the right track. The only way he can master One For All in its entirety would be to keep fighting. The current Deku may represent what the original superheroes were like before they were branded vigilantes by hero society.

Sadly, all of this is making Deku an even easier target for All For One. Deku’s uniform is in shambles, his power is draining, his mind is strained, and his willpower is on the verge of breaking. The worst part of all is that Deku is all alone and isolated all of his allies. Fortunately, Bakugo has found Deku and is in the process of saving him from being overwhelmed by brainwashed civilians. It is hinted that Deku’s other classmates are not far away. If anyone can get through to Deku, it is his classmates, particularly Bakugo and Uraraka. I have a feeling that Bakugo will try to pound some sense into Deku for going alone while Uraraka might confess her love to Deku to try and bring him back. I guess we’ll find out in future chapters.

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