“I am the King of Olympus and it is my way that is the way of the Gods.”

Zeus, God of War II

The main antagonist of my story on Greek mythology will be Zeus, god of the heavens and King of Olympus. However, I will not depict him as a pure villain. Instead, my version of Zeus will be a complex, deeply conflicted, and morally ambiguous character. As the King of Olympus, Zeus carries the heavy burden of all of creation on his shoulders. Because of this, he is often forced to make difficult and sometimes dubious choices for the greater good. Due to this, some of his choices draws the ire of the demigods.

Despite being the strongest of the Gods of Olympus, Zeus was the youngest of the first generation Olympians, which made him the runt of the litter. He was the younger brother of Hades, Poseidon, Hera, and Demeter. His wife was his sister Hera, goddess of marriage. Zeus was the father of many gods of demigods. Sadly, due to his constant womanizing, Hera would often seek vengeance on Zeus by taking it out on his illegitimate children. Zeus’s relationship with his brothers was one based on balance. While Zeus ruled the heavens, Poseidon ruled the sea and Hades ruled the Underworld. Shared between the three of them was the earth. Zeus was most famous for being able to cast bolts of lightning and create thunderstorms whenever he was in a bad mood.

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