“Brothers, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. We will unite. We will stand together, and I will wipe out this plague!”

Zeus, God of War II and God of War III

As I continue to write and brainstorm about my story on Greek mythology, I am starting to rethink a few things. While my original plans for my main demigod character will remain unchanged, I will be making some overarching changes to the overall story. Amongst those changes will be the inclusion of two more demigod characters. Initially, I have been struggling on finding ways to make the inclusion of other demigods work, but I think I may have found a way to make it work. Like my main demigod, the other two demigods will have complex blood ties to multiple Gods of Olympus instead of just one. I did this not just so my protagonist would have people to interact with on his quest, but also for a practical reason. One demigod going to war with all of Olympus would be the height of folly. Even almighty Zeus was not strong enough to defeat the Titans all by himself. Therefore, my main demigod will need additional allies for his war with the gods.

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