“Just as Zeus was compelled to destroy his father Cronos, you are compelled to do the same.”

Athena, God of War II

Many wars are caused by bad blood. When the Titans ruled the world, their ruler, Kronos, feared the possibility of his children rising up against him. As a result, Kronos devoured all of his children with the exception of Zeus. Rather than watch another of her children get eaten, Kronos’s wife Rhea swapped Zeus with a stone and Kronos swallowed the stone instead. Meanwhile, Zeus grew in strength and power until he was mighty enough to free his siblings from his father’s stomach. With his siblings liberated, Zeus and his fellow Olympians declared war on Kronos and the rest of the Titans. Eventually, the Titans were defeated and banished to the deepest pits of Tartarus. With the Titans out of the way, the Gods of Olympus were free to consolidate their rule over all creation. It is ironic because Kronos ate his children to prevent them from rising against him and yet the very thing he was trying to prevent happened because of his preemptive strike against his own children. For my story on Greek mythology, the last demigods will be motivated by a similar sin the Gods of Olympus committed against them. This is what will trigger the demigod uprising against Olympus.



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