Every adventure starts with a good sized skirmish. When the cast of my upcoming fantasy books start their journey into the unknown, they will come in contact with an unexpected enemy. Their entourage will face a skirmish that will force them to be left to their own devices. It will be like the a combination between the Battle of the Fist of the First Men in Game of Thrones and the Skirmish at Amon Hen from The Lord of the Rings. I will also be drawing inspiration from when King Alfred the Great was on the run after being ambushed by Vikings.


  1. That’s interesting… I don’t recall the Battle of the Fists from GoT (only read the books once) but Amon Hen is the beginning of TTT so arguably not your actual beginning since that would be in FoTR and The Expected Party can’t really be considered a skirmish 😜. I’m being facetious sorry. I think it’s a great idea to introduce both conflict and the journey.

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