“We expand or we die!”

General Octavius, Night at the Museum

Throughout human history, empires have desired two things above all else: conquest and expansion. Through these concepts, empires would acquire more land, more wealth, and more people subservient to their rule. With each conquest and expansion, an empire would grow more powerful. Without conquest or expansion, an empire would become increasingly complacent and their sense of national identity would slowly erode over time.

For some time, I have been foreshadowing the introduction of another previously undiscovered continent in my fantasy series. This continent will be more than three times the size of the Gradaian Empire, but it will not be another empire. Instead, it will consist of 44 distinct nations. Some of these nations will be independent kingdoms, some will be electoral monarchies, some will be theocracies ruled by religious leaders, some will be walled city states, and some will be isolated islands.

Eventually, Gradaia’s interactions with this new continent will result in a war of conquest where Gradaia invades. I will be drawing inspiration from the Hundred Years War, which involved England and France fighting one another for the throne of France.

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