“We’ve been using animals in combat for centuries. Horses, elephants, the Soviets used disease-bearing rats against the Germans at Stalingrad.”

Eli Mills, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In my previous posts, I talked about the possibility of a mystically created armada and mystically created soldiers. I am also thinking of the possibility of mystically created war beasts. Such creatures have been introduced in my second fantasy book, The War of the Gilded Beasts. These abominations were specifically bred to counter the dragons of House Magnus. Now, I am thinking of including this form of blood alchemy in my third fantasy book. However, these abominations will be smaller and more numerous than the chimeras that appeared in the second book. For the sake of diversity, these creatures will have multiple kinds that serve a specific purpose on the battlefield. Imagine fighting war beasts that are stronger, faster, and more resilient than horses or elephants.

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