“Think loyalty can be bought or demanded. But not true. Can only be built. And so I bring friend General a plan.”

“Sire, imagine an army of unstoppable soldiers, engineered to be loyal.”

Chamberlain and General, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

In several of my previous posts, I mentioned the creation of a mystical army in my third fantasy book. I won’t say how this army will be made, but they will be immensely superior to the best medieval soldier. The problem with normal soldiers is that they are human, which means their loyalty can be bought and corrupted. However, what if you could get rid of that problem with the right kind of magic? You would end up with an army that was not only mindlessly loyal and unstoppable, but they would also be incorruptible. In addition, this army will never eat, sleep, tire, or even go to the bathroom. Even the cavalry’s horses will be conditioned this way. This would save a lot of money that would normally feed and accommodate a regular army. They would also feel absolutely no emotion at all and have no survival instinct. This army will be divided into five divisions: infantry, archers, cavalry, bodyguards, and city guards. The unique nature of this army’s creation is very sinister. Due to this, when this army is discovered by the public, they will experience their very first war and their very first test as a viable military. That will be one of the main conflicts in my third fantasy book.

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