Here is the illustration depicting my fictional species of raptor. When I envisioned this creature, I wanted it to be as big as the largest raptor that ever lived: the Utahraptor. I largely based its face on the Indoraptor, but made a number of changes. I wanted its interlocking teeth to form a crazed smile when closed and I wanted it to have small horns on its head like Darth Maul. This beast is easily the smartest and most sadistic creature in my entire dinosaur series.


Here is the first illustration for my dinosaur book, The Kaligen Experiment: Genesis. It features the apex predator of the series and how big it is compared to an average sized human. When I envisioned this animal, I gave it Tyrannosaurus Rex’s basic physical structure, Spinosaurus’s back sail, the Indominus Rex’s arms and hands, Ceratosaurus’s nose horn, and Allosaurus’s eye ridges. I also gave the animal feathers like many recently discovered dinosaurs, but I included a curved beak like an eagle’s to highlight the animal’s bird heritage. If one were to reverse engineer a chicken into something that resembles a dinosaur, I imagine the end result will look something like this creature. I will be giving this beast a terrifying presence in the book as it stalks the humans across the island.


The problem with being the most powerful political figure in a nation is that all that power gives its wielder a lot of enemies. Some of those enemies may raise armies in rebellion while others take a more subtle approach. Even the mightiest ruler is vulnerable to an assassin’s blade. I am planning to include a scene that involves an assassination attempt against the Imperial Dynasty in my third fantasy book. I will be drawing inspiration from Jing Ke’s assassination attempt of China’s first emperor.