Allow me to give you an overview of the apex predator of my upcoming dinosaur series. When I wrote my dinosaur book, i wanted to create a carnivorous dinosaur that stood apart from the classic T. Rex. Therefore, I wanted to make the biggest and baddest predator I could think of. With this in mind, I took the physical features of all the most infamous carnivores and put them together into a single animal. The basic physical structure of this animal is based on Tyrannosaurus Rex, but I made it bigger than T. Rex by basing its size on Giganotosaurus. To give it more functional arms than T. Rex, I gave it the long arms and clawed hands of the Indominus Rex. The sail on its back is from a Spinosaurus, which was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur on record. I wanted to give this creature a distinct head compared to other theropods. Therefore, I gave it the eye ridges of Allosaurus and the nose horn of Ceratosaurus. In addition to the crushing teeth and jaws of T. Rex, I also gave this beast an equally crushing beak that I based on an alligator snapping turtle. I gave it a beak to highlight the dinosaur’s bird heritage. To make it similar to the scientifically accurate dinosaurs of the past, I gave it a coat of feathers. In terms of behavioral traits, I made it a more intelligent version of a T. Rex in a way that was similar to Mufasa from The Lion King. This would make sense since this animal would be the new king of the dinosaurs with T. Rex gone. Overall, this dinosaur was the meanest and most powerful flesh-eater I could think of and I look forward to sharing it with you when my dinosaur book comes out.


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