“A man can have anything if he is willing to sacrifice. With your birth comes a solemn vow: You will have nothing. Your privilege is the dirt. In the darkness, only ambition will guide you. The oath you swear, the promises you make, they are yours alone. Your freedom will be the wars you wage. Your birthright, the losses you suffer. Your entitlement, the pain you endure. And when darkness finds you, you will face it . . . alone!”

Sith Emperor Vitiate, Star Wars: The Old Republic

Even though Tomura Shigaraki is currently under the control of All For One’s vestige, I truly think he will break free in the near future. The reason for this is because Shigaraki openly said that he wanted to be an even greater supervillain than All For One ever was. I genuinely believe he can accomplish this. You only have to look a couple of story arcs back when the League of Villains battled the Meta Liberation Army. In that one battle, Shigaraki not only defeated the Meta Liberation Army, but he also took over it and all of its resources. This immense accomplishment was so significant that it greatly impressed All For One’s closest followers, Dr. Ujiko and Gigantomachia. Thanks to his victory, Shigaraki had gained a vast army of 100,000 soldiers, Sceptic’s ability to control the internet and the media, Re-Destro’s wealth and connections to industry, command over the formidable Gigantomachia, and access to Dr. Ujiko’s research and Nomu. It took All For One years to accumulate that much power and resources and yet Shigaraki was able to accomplish all of this in a single day. Shigaraki may have lost most of those resources during the Paranormal Liberation War, but I think he can accomplish the same feat again when he awakens at 100% stability. Shigaraki had accumulated so much power and influence and yet he never had a chance to fully utilize it, but I think he will get a second chance very soon. With hero society in ruins and Japan in chaos, the stage is set for Shigaraki to rebuild his power base. When he does and if he gains full control over the All For One quirk, Shigaraki will have a golden opportunity to truly reach his goal to surpass All For One as the world’s greatest supervillain.

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