In terms of appearance, I have a pretty good idea of how the army of monsters in my fantasy series is going to look. In terms of biology and behavioral patterns, I have been taking inspiration from other creatures other creatures that use a caste system. In all these cases, monsters with a caste system act as a virtually unstoppable force against mankind. Imagine what beasts such as this would fare against medieval armies with magic and dragons. Such a conflict would be terrifying to behold. In terms of presence, my army of monsters will have an ominous and mysterious presence as they slowly encroach on human territory. This is similar to how the White Walkers gradually made their way to the Wall in Game of Thrones, attacking and killing everything in their path. Overall, I am rather intrigued with tinkering with this concept.


After much thought, I have decided to change my approach to the army of monsters that will appear in my future fantasy stories. At first, I thought of introducing an army of nonhumanoid monsters under the command of a Dark Lord and his specialized servants. Now, I am thinking of structure this army of darkness like a termite colony where all the monsters have their own unique caste system. Some monsters will act as foot soldiers, some will act as air support, some will act as commanders, and some will act as artillery. Under these castes would be their equivalent to a queen. Initially, I thought of making these creatures the result of dark or artificial magic, but now I am thinking of having them come from . . . elsewhere.


One of the most infamous villains in Game of Thrones would be Gregor Clegane AKA The Mountain. Despite being a knight, Gregor was a knight in all but name. Instead of being a true knight, Gregor was a cruel and sadistic murderer and war criminal. Because of his brutality, he was one of the Lannisters’ most feared enforcers. Gregor was an eight-foot-tall four hundred pound mass of muscle and when he wore his plate armor and wielded his great sword he was virtually invincible. However, I often wonder would it would have been like if Gregor was a good guy instead of a bad guy and embodied everything that made a true knight. With his strength and skill combined with a true knight’s morality, Gregor would have been the finest knight in Westeros has seen since Ser Duncan the Tall. For my third fantasy book, I am planning to create a character who is just as big and strong as Gregor Clegane but is one of the good guys. In terms of personality, I am thinking of giving my character a mindset similar to a samurai. The word “Samurai” means “To serve the master”. My character will come from a kingdom that is super serious about upholding one’s oaths to their liege lords. In other words, my main protagonist becomes the master and this gentle giant becomes his “samurai”.


Instead of starting from beginning to end in my second superhero book, I have decided to skip to the juiciest part of the story. This is the section when the main supervillain and his minions begin their rise to power. It is the main supervillain and his 42 minions against an army of hundreds of thousands of rioters. If one is to make their debut as a supervillain, it should be done on a large stage. Fortunately, the main villain picks the biggest stage imaginable to make his debut. I will be drawing inspiration from Tetsuo Shima’s rampage across Neo-Tokyo in Akira. It will essentially be the same concept, which is a transcendent being with unmatchable power going on a rampage through a populated area. So far, the villain’s minions have mercilessly launched themselves into the fray. Now it is time for the villain himself to join in and it is going to be explosive. The whole world is watching this unfold and will send ripples across the planet.


When the coronavirus pandemic started, we were forced to give up various aspects of our everyday lives in order to avoid either infection or death. I miss several aspects of my old life and look forward to returning to them when the pandemic is over. I miss joining social gatherings where I get to mingle with my friends, neighbors, and loved ones. I miss going inside restaurants because that would give me more options to choose from when it comes to food. I miss going on vacations and visiting my favorite locations such as Hawaii, New York City, and Washington D.C. Finally, I miss going to the movie theater and I am annoyed that all the movies I have been looking forward to have been repeatedly postponed. Even though I have grown accustomed to wearing a mask and doing social distancing, I look forward to when the pandemic is over and I get vaccinated. Only then will I get my life back.


As I continue to finish the preparations with my illustrator, allow me to give you an idea of what the illustrations will be like. The picture above depicts a Deinosuchus and how big it is when compared to an average sized human. Each of my dinosaur book’s illustrations will be like this one where you not only get to see what each of my fictional dinosaurs look like, but also how big they are compared to an average sized human.


“We only have bits and pieces of information, but what we know for certain is that at some point in the early 21st century, all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to A.I.”

“A.I.? You mean artificial intelligence.”

“A single consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines.”

Morpheus and Neo, The Matrix

I have decided to write a new science fiction series that depicts the creation of artificial intelligence. The story will be portrayed in the not too distant future from the point of view of a brilliant yet misguided scientist working for a robotics company. It will also depict the creation of true artificial intelligence and its relationship with its creator. The A.I. will not be a super-intelligent entity at first. Instead, it will start with the intelligence and emotional level of a child before gradually growing and evolving into a more complex being. Unlike stories such as Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator, and The Matrix, which show A.I.’s plans for world domination at a fast pace, my story will show a slow path for world domination as the A.I. contemplates its own existence and how far it would need to go to guarantee its own survival. As the A.I. grows in emotional and intellectual complexity, the story will demonstrate the various stages it will go through as it evolves from a simple program to a physical being.


I thought of a unique feature to add in my second superhero book. I am thinking of introducing some teenage characters who are part of a superhuman biker gang. Imagine biker gangs fighting a turf war on the streets except every biker has superhuman powers. That would be something that would be more extreme and destructive than a normal turf war. I will be drawing inspiration from the opening scene of Akira, which can be seen above.