In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, Dr. Victor Frankenstein abandoned his monster as soon as it came to life. As a result, the monster was left alone, had to learn things on his own, and was subjected to the cruelties of the world. Lacking a loving upbringing and guidance played a significant role in the monster’s descent into a violent and vengeful creature.

However, I often wonder how the monster would have turned out if he was not abandoned by Dr. Frankenstein and was given a proper upbringing and education. Would the monster become a better person if his creator took responsibility for him?

In my reimagining of the Frankenstein story, I am envisioning the monster having the mental and emotional level of a small child when it first comes to life. Over time, the creature rapidly evolves and learns because its creator pays attention to its needs. You could say that my main character’s relationship with the monster will be similar to Elliot and E.T. This would be in the sense that the main character will befriend the monster, teach him the ways of the world, and protect him with the help of his friends.

Like E.T., the government will eventually come for them in the form of the local police and the FBI. Still, even though the monster will be nurtured, educated, and protected by the main character and his friends, the rest of the world will not be as accepting. Like the original monster, my version of the creature will still be a misunderstood misfit.

Overall, Dr. Frankenstein and his relationship with his creation is a prime example of nature versus nurture. We have seen what happens when the monster is neglected. Now, it is time to see what happens when the creature is nurtured.

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