One of the most iconic symbols of extinction would be the dodo, which became extinct 300 years ago. The dodo lived off the coast of Madagascar and enjoyed an existence without predators. However, because they never knew what it is like to be hunted by predators, these birds had no sense of caution when Dutch sailors came to their islands. Because the dodos were too friendly with humans, it made hunting them to extinction way too easy. The closest living relatives of the dodo are the Nicobar pigeons, who are also in danger of becoming extinct with only a population of 1,000. Both the dodo and the Nicobar pigeon come from the same family of birds that includes normal pigeons and doves. That means even though the Nicobar pigeon is the dodo’s closest relative, every species of pigeon and dove has blood ties to the dodo. With this in mind, I am thinking of introducing a reverse engineered creature that is similar to the dodo in my dinosaur series.

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