“Anger against a brother is felt on the flesh, not the bone.”

African proverb

The following contains spoilers from My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

My Hero Academia is starting to have Cain and Abel vibes as Shoto Todoroki and Dabi, two brothers, clash. The way these two sons of Endeavor utilized their quirks could not be more extreme. Despite being at risk of harming himself with his own fire, Dabi possessed immensely superior raw power than Shoto. Shoto is able to cool himself down with ease with the ice half of his quirk, but his fire is inferior to Dabi’s. Also, Dabi is far more experienced with both his quirk and in combat than Shoto. In addition, Dabi is a hardened killer while Shoto has been trained to subdue and restrain. Their grudge match ended with Shoto being completely overwhelmed by Dabi’s blue flames.

However, the blood feud between these two brothers is far from over. Just as Deku is destined to fight Tomura Shigaraki, Shoto Todoroki is destined to bring Dabi down. Because Endeavor is so emotionally and spiritually broken about Dabi’s fate, Shoto realized that his father does not have what it takes to bring Dabi down. Therefore, Shoto has resolved to deal with Dabi himself when the time comes. Unfortunately, Shoto is currently no match for his big bad brother. Both brothers are grievously injured from their brawl, but they will recover and I think they get stronger in their own way. Shoto will train like hell to master his ice and fire while Dabi may gain more quirks from All For One/Tomura Shigaraki. When the final round of their grudge match comes, I predict it will be the biggest superhero/supervillain fight second only to the final round between Deku and Shigaraki.

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