Instead of starting from beginning to end in my second superhero book, I have decided to skip to the juiciest part of the story. This is the section when the main supervillain and his minions begin their rise to power. It is the main supervillain and his 42 minions against an army of hundreds of thousands of rioters. If one is to make their debut as a supervillain, it should be done on a large stage. Fortunately, the main villain picks the biggest stage imaginable to make his debut. I will be drawing inspiration from Tetsuo Shima’s rampage across Neo-Tokyo in Akira. It will essentially be the same concept, which is a transcendent being with unmatchable power going on a rampage through a populated area. So far, the villain’s minions have mercilessly launched themselves into the fray. Now it is time for the villain himself to join in and it is going to be explosive. The whole world is watching this unfold and will send ripples across the planet.

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