As I write the second dinosaur book and lay the groundwork for the forthcoming dinosaur apocalypse, I brainstorm on potential warning signs humans would see. The first thing that comes to mind would be how the local ecosystems would react to the prehistoric invasive species that have been introduced to the wild. I remember this scene from the Stephen King film Dreamcatcher where all the wildlife in the forest were seen fleeing in the same direction. This collection of wildlife was diverse and consisted of bears, deer, raccoons, rabbits, and birds. It was a parade of predator and prey, unrelated species that would normally not interact like this, united by a single instinct: escape! If the largest modern terrestrial carnivore, the grizzly bear, can be sent running for its life like this, then there is something large, unnatural, and monstrous lurking in those woods. I am thinking of having a similar disturbance among the wildlife in my second dinosaur book as dinosaurs start appearing in the wilderness. Seeing such extreme behavioral changes in animals would be serious warning signs for humans to keep an eye on.

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