For my dinosaur book, I am thinking of depicting a primeval swamp filled with grimy mysteries. For those of you who live in places like the Southern United States, you know what kinds of dangerous creatures live in swamps. Imagine creatures such as those and make them larger and more horrifying. That pretty much sums up what I plan to do with my swamp scene.


One of the most unsettling sights in nature would be mass graves filled with the bones of dead giants. In Africa, there are bone yards where the remains of many elephants can be found. These boneyards are natural monuments to the titans that once walked the Earth and the power they once possessed. I am thinking of including a similar boneyard in my dinosaur book where the remains of multiple species of dinosaur are found together. Such mass graves have been discovered by paleontologists so it would make sense that the island would have them as well. It will also be revealed that this boneyard has an unexpected side effect on the surrounding ecosystem.


I have reached the twenty-sixth chapter of my dinosaur book and the characters are about to enter the final phase of their journey. This chapter will also feature the grimmest place on the island. There will also be a scene that will make you afraid of the dark. It is the beginning of the final countdown before this book is completed. I will keep you updated on any further developments.


One of the darkest and most infamous aspects of demonology would be the concept of making a deal with a demon. In my story about Hell, the main character ends up in Hell not because of a particular sin. Instead, he was sent to Hell due to unwittingly making a pact with a demon. The demon in question is a young succubus (female demon) who desires the protagonist. In exchange for making the protagonist’s ultimate ambition come true, the succubus gets him upon his physical death. The way they perform the pact is somewhat unorthodox. Over time, the relationship between these two characters evolves to the point in which they genuinely love each other. You could say that their story will be one of forbidden romance between a human and a demon.


In my earlier posts, I mentioned the idea of telling a story about Hell from the pointed of view of the damned. It will be like a combination between Dante’s Inferno and Doom. The story will revolve around one young man’s quest to escape Hell. It will be the biggest jailbreak in history. However, even if this individual and those who follow him were able to escape Hell, where would they end up? Due to being unabsolved sinners who left Hell without God’s permission, it would be obvious that they would not end up either in Heaven or Purgatory. Because they escaped Hell, they are no longer experiencing damnation, but because they are unabsolved they won’t experience salvation either. Due to this, I am picturing a place that represents neither salvation nor damnation. It will be a realm that would dwell in the blind spot of existence. This will be an interesting project to tackle as I ponder this puzzle.


As a result of the events in Herawulf Rising: Origins, a power vacuum is forming in the criminal underworld. From this power vacuum comes opportunity for the various mobs in the city. Due to this, Herawulf’s new enemies in the second volume will be the mobs who fill the power vacuum in the underworld. In fact, there will be an insidious operation that threatens the future of the city. That operation will be the force that Herawulf will need to thwart.