When I wrote my dinosaur book, I decided to create fifteen different species of fictional dinosaurs. To make these animals as diverse as possible, I decided to make one new animal per dinosaur group. For the herbivores, I made one long-necked sauropod like Brachiosaurus, one Stegosaurus-like creature, one armored animal like Ankylosaurus, one duck-billed hadrosaur, one horned ceratopsian like Triceratops, one small herbivore, one bone-headed dinosaur like Pachycephalosaurus, one ostrich-like dinosaur like Gallimimus, and one sloth-like dinosaur like Therizinosaurus. For the carnivores, I made one small predator, one medium sized predator, one raptor, one large predator, one flying pterosaur, and one aquatic predator. These fifteen species will be appearing throughout my dinosaur series. If they are allowed to evolve, they can diversify into all kinds of subspecies like the original dinosaurs before them. They will also have a special feature that allows them to transform the world around them. These creatures will not be like any dinosaurs that have been portrayed in the past.

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