As I continued to research the experiment that involves turning birds back into dinosaurs, I discover that similar reverse engineering experiments have been done in the past on different animals. One example involves the creation of the Heck Cattle, which were a failed attempt by Nazi scientists to bring the aurochs back to life. These Nazi scientists made the Heck Cattle by back breeding various kinds of cattle in an attempt to recreate the aurochs. Some of these animals were even hunted by German aristocrats for sport in an attempt to reenact an old myth regarding the aurochs. In addition to their Nazi origins, the Heck Cattle were mired in controversy. Not only were the Nazi’s breeding methods unethical and rushed, but the resulting creatures looked nothing like the aurochs of the past. Descendants of the Heck Cattle can be found in Europe to this day. Now, seventy years later, other organizations are trying to restart the aurochs resurrection experiment. However, these groups do not intend to use the methods that the Nazis did when they created the Heck Cattle. Overall, this historical example of reverse engineering proves what I have been wondering while writing my dinosaur book. If birds can be turned into something resembling their prehistoric ancestors, then other animals can be as well. Also, when you take a modern animal and try to turn it back into its prehistoric ancestors, the end result will not be what you intended. This was the case when cows were turned into something that resembled their aurochs ancestors.

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