In my earlier posts, I mentioned the idea of telling a story about Hell from the pointed of view of the damned. It will be like a combination between Dante’s Inferno and Doom. The story will revolve around one young man’s quest to escape Hell. It will be the biggest jailbreak in history. However, even if this individual and those who follow him were able to escape Hell, where would they end up? Due to being unabsolved sinners who left Hell without God’s permission, it would be obvious that they would not end up either in Heaven or Purgatory. Because they escaped Hell, they are no longer experiencing damnation, but because they are unabsolved they won’t experience salvation either. Due to this, I am picturing a place that represents neither salvation nor damnation. It will be a realm that would dwell in the blind spot of existence. This will be an interesting project to tackle as I ponder this puzzle.

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