450 million years ago, the sea was infested with giant arthropods. Among those arthropods were Eurypterids or sea scorpions. Despite being called scorpions, these animals had no venom in their tails and instead used those tails like a fluke similar to dolphins or whales. Their segmented exoskeleton also aids them in their up-and-down swimming style with greater flexibility. They would use their large pincers to grab onto prey and tear it limb from limb. These creatures came in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The largest was over ten feet long. Can you imagine? Some species of sea scorpion became the first lifeforms to crawl out of the sea onto dry land. These species had both gills and primitive lungs that absorbed oxygen directly into their blood. Sadly, there are no relatives like these animals alive in the modern world. As the conditions of the sea changed and fish became more prominent, the sea scorpions faded into extinction. However, I am thinking of including a creature that is similar to the sea scorpions in my dinosaur book. They won’t be like the sea scorpions of old, but they would be very similar with similar adaptations and lifestyles.

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