The following contains spoilers from chapter 291 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

In the latest chapter, Dabi’s nationwide broadcast has gone from bad to worse. Up until now, Dabi’s broadcast was aimed at destroying Endeavor’s reputation. Now, Dabi has taken aim at Hawks as well. Earlier in the story, it was revealed that Hawks’s wings were bugged with small cameras that monitored his every move. Clearly, those cameras were still rolling during the superheroes’ invasion of the supervillain mansion. As a result, they recorded Hawks murdering Twice! Now, that footage is being used against Hawks in Dabi’s broadcast. Also, it was revealed that Hawks ‘s father was a criminal and that information is being shared to the public through Dabi’s broadcast. It looks like in one fell swoop, Dabi has destroyed the reputation of the top two superheroes. Hawks probably didn’t care if he was being recorded since he was so certain the battle would end the supervillains. Now, his murder of Twice is coming back to bite him hard in the butt. With the top two superheroes discredited, people across Japan will lose what little hope they have left in the superhero society.

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