One of the hardest size changes I had to make with my fictional dinosaurs was finding a suitable size template for my new ceratopsian (horned) dinosaur. At first, I considered going with Protoceratops from Mongolia, which was one of the favorite prey items of Velociraptors. However, Protoceratops was too small for my story; about the same size as a sheep. Due to its size and large population, Protoceratops has been called the “Sheep of the Cretaceous.” Now, I believe I have found a more suitable donor to base my horned dinosaur on: Zuniceratops. Compared to Protoceratops, Zuniceratops was about the size of a cow and was a common sight in mid-Cretaceous North America. Zuniceratops was 3.5 feet tall at the hip, 11 feet long, and 330 pounds. Based on those proportions, I think Zuniceratops will be a satisfactory size template to base my horned dinosaur on.


The largest and most recognizable dinosaur in a prehistoric ecosystem would be the long-necked sauropods such as Brachiosaurus or Apatosaurus. However, I am thinking of downsizing my species on long-necked dinosaur for my series. I will be basing its size on Plateosaurus, which was between 26 to 33 feet in length and weighed between 2 to 4.5 tons. This creature won’t be as big as the titans of the past, but it will still be a respectable size; bigger than an elephant.

The largest little predator

Since I am planning to make my fictional dinosaurs smaller than the more iconic dinosaurs like Triceratops and T. Rex, I have decided to make the apex predator the same size as Dilophosaurus. Most people know Dilophosaurus as the venomous little dinosaur from the first Jurassic Park movie, but it was not venomous and was much bigger in real life. While the Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus was 5 feet tall and 10 feet long, the real life version of Dilophosaurus was twice as big at 10 feet tall, 20 feet long, and weighing up to a ton. In an environment of fun sized dinosaurs, I think this would be a suitable size for the apex predator of that ecosystem. Such a carnivore could easily take down a human, which gives me goosebumps.


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I have come to a realization regarding the creatures in my dinosaur series. For 170 million years, the dinosaurs’ size and strength served them well during their reign. However, the planet’s climate and terrain has changed over the past 65 million years. Due to this, their size may not serve in the modern world as it did in the past. With this in mind, I have decided to make my fictional dinosaur species fun sized. The pictures above are examples of fun sized dinosaurs that have existed in real life. For the sake of authenticity, I may have to redesign some of my dinosaurs to match these smaller dinosaurs. But make no mistake, despite their small stature, my fictional dinosaur species will still be a deadly threat in their own right.


Some people think that Velociraptors were the same size as the ones in Jurassic Park, but this is not the case. In reality, Velociraptors were much smaller than the ones in Jurassic Park. Instead of being 15 feet long and 6 feet tall, Velociraptors were between 6 to 7 feet long and 2 to 3 feet tall at the hip. I feel like a raptor of this size has not gotten the attention it deserves. For my dinosaur series, I intended to depict a new species of raptor that was as big as the Utahraptor, which was the biggest and baddest raptor of them all at 20 feet long, 10 feet tall, and weighing up to a ton. However, bigger is not always better. Sometimes a small size that is complimented with stealth and speed is even deadlier than a large and bulky body. With this in mind, I am thinking of making my new species of raptor the same size as the real life Velociraptors. In order to compensate for their small size, my raptors will have a secret weapon that will allow them to take down victims bigger than them.


Throughout my fantasy series, a number of ranks in the nobility were featured. These ranks included landed knights, barons, kings, and even the emperor himself. However, there are two other ranks in the nobility that were mentioned but never featured: counts and dukes. It was revealed in the second book that both of these classes of noblemen fell into decline and died out. The fate of the Empire’s dukes and counts were tied to the fate of the Imperial Dynasty. Only a specific kind of person could hold the title of duke or count. As the Imperial Dynasty fell into decline, so did the dukes and counts. Now, a new dynasty sits on the Imperial Throne and the dukes and counts have a chance to return. The relationship between the emperor, the dukes, and the counts will be revealed in future volumes.


I am thinking of including a flamboyant character in my third fantasy book. This characters will be one of those individuals who enjoys wearing the finest silk and embroidery. Their clothing will consist of elaborate and sometimes outrageous colors, which would make them look like human peacocks. In addition, this character would engage in activities that focus on the utmost refinement. Even the way they fight would be seen as flamboyant.


Have you ever experienced memories from another life? I am thinking of having my reverse engineered dinosaurs undergo a similar experience. What if they relive the memories of their ancestors, the original dinosaurs? What if they relive the traumatic memories their ancestors experienced during their extinction 65 million years ago? These memories from another life will be seen from the parts of the story that are told from the dinosaurs’ point of view. What would that do to these artificial animals psychologically and emotionally? Would they be able to use these memories to increase their chances of survival or would they suffer mental breakdowns? That will be a concept I will be exploring in my dinosaur series.