I remember my last visit to the Bozeman Museum in Montana. They had this large Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton outside the building. As I stood in front of the skeleton, I could envision what this creature would have looked like when it was alive. I could see every muscle, scale, fang, and talon. Such a beast would have been the terror of the earth when it was alive. I could imagine its piercing roar echoing through the valley and its footsteps causing the ground to shake with each step. If this thing was still alive, it would literally snap my body in half with its powerful jaws and robust teeth. I was standing in front of the remains of a 40 foot long, 15 feet tall, and 7 ton monster from another world and another time. These daydreams and realizations will give me a pretty good idea of how to depict the giant dinosaurs in my dinosaur series.

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