One of my favorite fictional dinosaurs would be the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. I think the Indominus Rex best symbolizes the unpredictability that comes from creating a new lifeforms from scratch. When you create an organism that has never existed before, you have no way of knowing what kind of behavioral patterns it would have or what it is capable of. I liked that it had fully functional arms, which is a stark contrast from Tyrannosaurus Rex’s small arms. Another trait of the Indominus Rex that I liked was the fact that it had the intellect of a Velociraptor, which gave it sophisticated problem solving skills. Because it had exaggerated predatory features, the Indominus Rex had overly supercharged killing instincts. This is best demonstrated when it slaughtered an entire herd of Apatosaurus and bit the head off an Ankylosaurus for sport by itself. Like the Abelisaurs that were used in its creation, the Indominus Rex was a cannibal, which was highlighted when it ate its own sibling. The Indominus Rex also possessed other abilities that set it apart from more traditional carnivorous dinosaurs such as infrared vision, camouflage, and avoiding thermal detection. Overall, the Indominus Rex was an unholy abomination that would have been the scourge of the prehistoric world if it existed in real life.

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