Possibly an even worse abomination than the Indominus Rex would be the Indoraptor from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The Indoraptor was the same size as the Utahraptor and even more dangerous. This creature was specifically bred to be a living weapon and it had a number of traits that made it well-suited for such a role. Like the Indominus Rex, the Indoraptor has supercharged killing instincts, which is useful when deployed on a battlefield.

There was a targeting system used to help the Indoraptor a basic understanding between friend or foe. This targeting system involved painting a target with a laser, which would allow the Indoraptor to identify the target. Once the target is painted, the Indoraptor’s handler would use a sound-based system that would serve as the attack command. When this command is given, the Indoraptor would be relentless in hunting down and attacking the designated target.

Due to having a lot more Velociraptor DNA than the Indominus Rex, the Indoraptor was both cunning and intelligent. This intellect was displayed when the Indoraptor pretended to be sedated in order to lure a mercenary into its cage. When the mercenary felt safe and tried to remove one of the Indoraptor’s teeth, the Indoraptor would strike. This demonstrated that the Indoraptor possessed a degree of sadism to go along with its intelligence.

The Indoraptor also possessed a very durable body. It was revealed to have a strong tolerance or immunity to sedatives. Its scaly skin is partially bulletproof. Shooting the Indoraptor would stun it, but the bullets would fall off its skin shortly afterward. Ultimately, it took the horns of a Triceratops skull to penetrate the Indoraptor’s hide.

In addition, it was revealed in the Indoraptor’s character profile that it also had night vision and echolocation. This would make it well-suited for stealth missions. As demonstrated when the Indoraptor bit a man’s arm off, its teeth are so sharp that it takes its victim’s blood vessels a moment to realize they were cut. This causes blood loss to be slower than normal, which is why we didn’t see much blood when the mercenary’s arm was severed. The Indoraptor’s claws are just as sharp, which was shown when it cut through the metal railing of a staircase.

One notable feature that sets the Indoraptor apart from the other dinosaurs from Isla Nublar is the fact that it is male. In both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the dinosaurs were purposely female in order to control their populations. Later, the dinosaurs overcame this limitation by changing their gender. With the Indoraptor, it had higher levels of testosterone, which would have made it more aggressive like a bull elephant during the mating season. This increased aggression would have made the Indoraptor an even more brutal killing machine.

The really scary thing about the Indoraptor is the fact that it was just a prototype. Due to this, it needed to be refined in a number of areas. While the targeting system gave the Indoraptor some degree of following orders and telling friend from foe, it did not have the same level of discipline and obedience that Owen Grady’s Velociraptors had. Also, because of its status as a new lifeform, the Indoraptor had no idea how to behave. As Dr. Henry Wu said, the Indoraptor needed a parental figure to teach it how to behave. Once it learned these behavioral patterns, the Indoraptor would become more compliant with human commands. If the Indoraptor was completely refined to its full potential as a living weapon, I can only imagine what it would be capable of.

Overall, I felt the Indoraptor was a fictional dinosaur with a lot of potential, but I think it did not live up to that potential in the movie. I think the Indoraptor could have been a lot scarier than it was originally portrayed. Despite its intellect, the Indoraptor mostly behaved like a rabid attack dog instead of a calculating killer like Jack the Ripper. Even though it was stated that it had night vision and echolocation, those abilities were not featured in the film. Still, the Indoraptor had a strong presence on the screen when we first saw it. I can only imagine how much damage could have been done if there was a pack of Indoraptors instead of just the one.


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