I remember my trips to Hawaii over the years and the first thing that stood out was the island’s plants. I remember how the plants all seemed to be fused together into one giant mass. It was like looking at a vast network of life enveloping the island. I can see why the Jurassic Park movies were made here. It felt like the interconnecting plants were hiding something big behind their branches. There was always something that felt primeval about the jungles of Hawaii. A part of me thought: “If I look around that tree and there was a Triceratops behind it, I would not be surprised.” In a way, dinosaurs were on Hawaii because of the many chickens that lived on it. Out of the many birds that exist, the chicken is the closest living avian relative to dinosaurs. I am thinking of drawing inspiration from my interactions with both Hawaii’s jungles and chickens for my dinosaur series.

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