How would the world react if dinosaurs suddenly reappeared and we had no explanation why? That will be one of the themes in my dinosaur series as it progresses. I am not just depicting an artificial island filled with reverse engineered dinosaurs. I will also be featuring these creatures suddenly appearing in seemingly random parts of the world. Based on what I know about animal behavior, I think I would have a good idea of how these animals would adapt to their new environments. Some herbivores may keep a low profile and keep away from human- populated areas. However, some may cause property damage when they walk through a town or plunder farmland like feral livestock do. The smaller dinosaurs would be harder to find because of their size and they could potentially multiply unchecked without anyone noticing. The carnivores would not only cause human casualties, but they would also feed on the native wildlife as well. Entire ecosystems would be either disrupted or destroyed by the sudden reappearance of dinosaurs. As for how humans would react, I think the result would be disorganized chaos as the public and government struggle on how to handle these new lifeforms. Groups like the National Guard would be outgunned and would have no idea what kind of dinosaurs they would run into or how many there are. Overall, I think by the time everyone starts noticing that dinosaurs are appearing, the dominos would already be falling.

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