I remember doing a school project that revolved around a detailed description of a dinosaur known as Iguanodon. Iguanodon was one of the earliest dinosaurs discovered. Its body structure had been debated and modified for decades between the 19th and 20th centuries. Some thought Iguanodon resembled a large lizard while some thought it walked on its hind legs like a kangaroo. In the end, Iguanodon resembled neither. Back in its day, Iguanodon and other ornithopods were among the most successful dinosaurs during the mid-Cretaceous Period. Their success allowed them to colonize almost every continent. Even though they were mostly harmless herbivores, Iguanodon were armed with thumb spikes that could either puncture a predator’s throat or stab into an attacker’s brain. I think for old time’s sake, I will be creating my own species of ornithopod like Iguanodon for my dinosaur series.

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