It’s finally here! The trailer for the latest adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune! I must say that I like the darker feel it has compared to the 1984 film and 2000 miniseries. After seeing this trailer, I spent five whole minutes reciting my favorite quotes from the book such as “He who controls the spice controls the universe” or “Muad’Dib”. I look forward to seeing this film assuming the theaters will be open by then.

2 thoughts on “DUNE 2020 TRAILER”

  1. I’ve re-read the entire Dune saga at least eight times and watched every adaption brought to the screen, but this is the /first/ time that the Paul Atreides on the screen /feels/ like the Paul Atreides in my head. Thank you so much for posting the trailer. I can hardly wait, and I’ll watch the movie on my pc if necessary. 😀

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