The following contains spoilers from chapter 281 of My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

Tomura Shigaraki has proven to be a powerful and dangerous supervillain in the latest chapter. He has had all his quirks negated by Aizawa and has taken a serious beating from the combined efforts of Izuku, Bakugo, Gran Torino, and Endeavor. Even after all of that, Shigaraki refuses to stay down and shows no signs of slowing down or tiring despite the amount of damage his body has taken. However, the superheroes are running on fumes as they desperately try to bring Shigaraki down. Endeavor is overheating and Aizawa is struggling to keep his eyes open despite Manual’s efforts to moisturize his eyes. As Gran Torino pointed out, nothing Shigaraki is doing is humanly possible even without his quirks. Gran Torino deduces that Shigaraki’s body has become synthetic due to its physical augmentations, which has enabled him to push himself beyond all human limitations.

Then things become very violent very fast for Gran Torino. Shigaraki grabs and crushes Gran Torino’s leg before slamming him into the ground and impaling him with his bare hands. Gran Torino, who has fought alongside three generations of One For All wielders, is dead. Gran Torino’s death hit Izuku hard as he furiously tries to restrain Shigaraki. Izuku screams that he won’t forgive Shigaraki, but Shigaraki laughs at him by saying he can’t forgive anyone. Shigaraki then slams his elbow in Izuku’s gut hard enough for Izuku to cough up blood, but Izuku fights through the pain. The Dragon Hero: Ryukyu also tries to restrain Shigaraki with her bare hands, but Shigaraki uses his All Might-level strength to break all her fingers. As Izuku is restraining Shigaraki with his Blackwhip quirk, Endeavor prepares to wind up for his final attack. Endeavor has fought so hard and used his flames so frequently against Shigaraki that he only has enough juice for one last attack.

While this is happening, Shigaraki finally deploys one of his quirk-destroying bullets. He uses Ryukyu’s broken hand as cover while he prepares to fling the bullet between her mangled fingers. With the superheroes so focused on him, they won’t notice the bullet being fired between Ryukyu’s giant fingers until it is too late. His target is clearly Aizawa! Aizawa is already struggling to keep his eyes open, but if he permanently loses his power negation, any chance of stopping Shigaraki will be lost. Without Aizawa’s power negation, Shigaraki will be able to unleash his combined quirks once more and the superheroes will be doomed. Izuku is barely able to fight Shigaraki in his quirkiness state and Endeavor is almost out of fuel. If Shigaraki gets his power back at this stage, the game is over.

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