The following contains spoilers from My Hero Academia. You have been warned.

When Tomura Shigaraki summoned Gigantomachia, the giant supervillain became hell-bent on reaching his new master. After gathering the commanders of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Gigantomachia easily plowed through several superheroes such as Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods. When it became clear that Gigantomachia could not be stopped with brute force, the students of Class 1A and Class 1B set a trap that has immobilized Gigantomachia.

With Gigantomachia trapped, the students tried to sedate him with canisters of anesthetic. While they did manage to get a canister in Gigantomachia’s mouth, it is questionable if the sedative will even work on him. When battling the League of Villains, it was demonstrated that Gigantomachia can fight nonstop for two days straight and only requires three hours of sleep. That level of stamina must be fueled by one hell of a metabolism! Characters with supercharged metabolisms such as the Flash and Wolverine have proven to immune to any form of anesthetic because their bodies would burn right through them. I think it is the same with Gigantomachia.

Gigantomachia was specifically bred by All For One to be the ultimate bodyguard, which means he is armed to the teeth with an unstoppable arsenal of powers that are meant to protect his master at all costs. Gigantomachia has already proven to be unnaturally strong and durable. Once he gains any momentum, no object can stop him, which is similar to the Juggernaut. I am pretty sure that Gigantomachia’s quirks include immunity to drugs and poisons. If that is the case, then the students and superheroes are in big trouble. The only reason the students and superheroes were able to trap Gigantomachia is because he was holding way back, being careful not to harm his master’s commanders. At the end of the last chapter, it looks like Gigantomachia is not going to hold back anymore. This is hinted when Gigantomachia’s thick jaw opens up into some kind of bony helmet. Hopefully, I will find out what happens soon in the next chapter.

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