I came across an intriguing theory regarding Gigantomachia and Red Riot in My Hero Academia. Some fans believe that Bakugo and Red Riot are the mysterious second or third wielders of One For All. You might wonder how that is possible because the second and third wielders of One For All existed long before either Bakugo or Red Riot were born. When looking closely at the vestiges of One For All, the shadows of the second and third wielders do look similar to both Bakugo and Red Riot.

This is due to a possible time travel theory that will allow Bakugo and Red Riot to travel back in time to the first wielder of One For All. Some believe that Eri’s Rewind quirk will evolve to the point in which she could send people into the past. Red Riot’s idol, Crimson Riot, could be his future self as an adult after traveling into the past. The first wielder of One For All may not have figured out to pass on his quirk by himself. Someone must have told him how to do it. Red Riot and Bakugo may show the first wielder how to transfer One For All and the first wielder gives it to either Bakugo or Red Riot.

All For One has hunted down and killed every wielder of One For All in his pursuit of the quirk. If Bakugo is the second or third wielder of One For All, he obviously meets this fate before passing One For All. If he passed it on to Red Riot, Red Riot was clearly beaten by All For One before passing One For All to the fourth wielder. However, I don’t think All For One killed Red Riot and may have taken him alive.

If All For One captured Red Riot, he and Doctor Ujiko could have tortured and mutilated him past the point of madness. As I have learned from when Ramsay Snow flayed Reek, when you inflict enough pain on someone you can get them to do anything. With his mind and spirit broken, All For One and Ujiko must have rebuilt his mind into that of a mindlessly loyal servant. All For One would stockpile quirks into Red Riot to make him more powerful while Ujiko would extensively modify Red Riot’s body to withstand the kickback of his increased abilities. The end result is Gigantomachia!

I kid you not! Fans are speculating that Gigantomachia is Red Riot’s future self! That would be an interesting thing to read about. It would not only connect Red Riot to the second and third wielders of One For All as well as his idol Crimson Riot, but it would connect him to Gigantomachia as well. This would show that Red Riot is a far more important character to the story than we originally thought.

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