Because Trump has made wearing a mask a political and cultural issue instead of a health and safety issue, a lot of his supporters have been verbally attacking people for wearing masks. Due to this, a lot more people needlessly got sick and died while the coronavirus spread faster. This video is of a man in Arizona who verbally attacked people for wearing a mask and had to be carried out of the store like a petulant infant. I have had at least two encounters of such deranged characters. The first time was at the dog park, where I was confronted by a Trump supporter because I was wearing a mask that said “Vote”. A few days later, I was in line for Yogurtland and was yelled at by a maniacal woman for wearing protective medical gloves. These people have completely lost their minds because they believed the garbage Trump was spoon feeding them. I wear a mask and gloves for two reasons. First, I don’t want to get sick and potentially die. Second, I don’t want to spread the virus if I turn out to be an unwitting carrier. These Trump zealots and cultists can yell and scream at me all they want, but I am not changing how I handle the pandemic. It is what has kept me healthy and alive up until now.

6 thoughts on “THE WAR ON MASKS”

  1. Seriously awful. Masks have been turned into a political issue and the election has been turned into a hate fest. How could this happen? How could one man destroy a country? I’ve lived here for 25 years, but leaving for good before the end of the month. Can’t stomach it anymore.

    1. His Republican slaves and enablers in Congress are as responsible for this chaos as Trump himself. They knew how dangerous and corrupt he is, but they still refused to remove him from office during the impeachment hearing. Adam Schiff warned what kind of damage Trump would cause if he was not removed from office and he has been proven right.

  2. Wow. I guess our wearing masks impedes his constitutional rights. I’m disgusted with this behavior. Please, Everyone, vote the hate and ignorance out of office.

    1. Sadly, we can only vote the hate and ignorance out if we can beat Trump’s meddling of the election. His post master general is purposely sabotaging the postal service for the sole purpose of allowing Trump to steal the election.

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