I have changed course on my writing schedule. I have been so consumed in the scientific aspects of my main dinosaur book that I am a bit distracted from writing the actual story. Due to this, I have decided to focus on the zoological book side project for the time being. This way, I can get the scientific aspects out of my system. This zoology book will be like the speculative evolution books such as those written by authors such as Dougal Dixon. Dougal Dixon wrote books that talked about how the dinosaurs could have evolved if they never became extinct or how animals would have evolved if humans never existed. I will be taking a similar route by describing each of the reverse engineered life forms in my dinosaur series and how they have evolved in their manmade environment. Who knows? If I finish this zoology book first, it would give my audience a preview on what to expect when they read the main dinosaur series. I am eight pages in so far and I am on fire!

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