My dinosaur book will take place on an island, but it will be an island like no other. The island will be completely manmade, but it will not be made with cement or rebar. Instead, this island will be made through the use of terraforming technology. Terraforming is a form of science that revolves around altering the terrain and atmosphere of an area. The designated area can range from a small patch of land to an entire planet. Before the main experiment started, this island did not exist on any map and was grown from scratch. Not only is this island the site of an experiment on genetic engineering, but it is also the site of an experiment on terraforming. Together, these two experiments become part of the main experiment, which focuses on making a manmade ecosystem function. Making a manmade ecosystem function is also part of the ultimate endgame of the overall experiment. However, because of its completely manmade nature, this island is very flawed in a number of areas, which forces the creatures to evolve in unpredictable ways. Overall, this island will be light years away from the usual lost world stereotype and will show what could happen to an artificial world.

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