For those of you who are afraid of rodents, I apologize in advance. Rodents are easily the most diverse genus of mammal to the point in which 45% of the mammal population consists of rodents. In the modern era, the largest rodent is the capybara, which is roughly the size of a pig. However, the capybara is not the largest rodent that ever existed. Even though rodents mostly lived in the dinosaurs’ shadow, the largest rodent in history lived during their reign. This rodent was about the same size as a bull and resembled a super-sized version of a capybara. Good luck calling pest control if you have a rat this big. I am thinking of introducing a reverse engineered rodent in my dinosaur book that shares some traits with this prehistoric super-rodent.

One thought on “THE LARGEST RODENT”

  1. Your book sounds very interesting, and you have done so much research. These posts are really interesting too, and a perfect way to introduce it. It truly sounds great, and I am sure it will find a large group of readers. It truly picks one’s interest. Best of luck and success.

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