Prehistory has seen its fair share of scary sea monsters, but there was one creature that stood out from the crowd. 350 million years ago, there was a giant armor-plated fish known as Dunkleosteus. This fish was over thirty feet long and weighed between four or five tons. Instead of teeth, Dunkleosteus was armed with extensions of its jaw bones, which operated like scissors to slice through prey. Biting its jaws together allows its weaponry to remain razor sharp. This trait was developed out of necessity because most of its prey were other armor-plated fish, which could not be eaten with conventional teeth. Dunkleosteus also had a very disgusting habit after it was done eating. It would puke up the indigestible bits of its food, which includes bones and armor plating. It may look like the fish is sick, but it is perfectly normal behavior due to what it eats. Overall, if you thought Jaws was scary, you would die of fright when you swim with this behemoth. As my dinosaur series progresses, I am thinking of including a creature that is similar to Dunkleosteus, but it would be completely different.

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