So far, there have been five mass extinctions in our planet’s history. In each of those extinctions, at least two thirds of all life on Earth was wiped out. Normally, these extinctions were caused by asteroids, volcanic activity, and climate change. It has been believed that  the next mass extinction will be caused by humanity. There are warning signs that this is the case such as pollution, deforestation, and poaching among many others. However, for my dinosaur series, I am thinking of depicting a manmade extinction level event that will dwarf all other manmade disasters combined. When the dust settles, Earth will be a completely different place as a result of mankind’s arrogance and carelessness.


  1. We continue to blunder along on this pretty little planet with little comprehension of what we’re doing. Mankind is just smart enough to pull off massive technical achievements while not grasping their ultimate impact.

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