Like many dinosaur fans, I enjoy watching Walking with Dinosaurs. However, there have been a few scientific inaccuracies that were pointed out over the years. Among them was the size of Liopleurodon, which was depicted to be over 80 feet in length and weighing 150 tons. In reality, Liopleurodon was nowhere near that size and was closer to a quarter of that size. Even so, the thought of a colossal sea monster that was over 80 feet long sent chills down my spine. In my dinosaur series, I will be depicting a reverse engineered marine predator that is as big as the Walking with Dinosaurs version of Liopleurodon. Such a beast would dwarf Megalodon by 20 feet! If you’re afraid of Jaws, then you will be a gibbering wreck when you see my fictional sea monster.

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