Spinosaurs have always been a fascinating and mysterious group of dinosaurs. Such specimens include Suchomimus and Spinosaurus itself. Spinosaurs have rotten luck when it comes to finding complete fossils because those fossils that are found are often broken and desecrated. As a result, we really have no idea what these creatures look like or how big they grow. Spinosaurus’s appearance was recently updated to look more like a four-legged crocodile with a large sail on its back. Today, I will be addressing one of the smallest Spinosaurs: Baryonyx, which means “heavy claw”. Baryonyx was the first species of Spinosaur I was introduced to when I was a kid. Like all Spinosaurs, Baryonyx had a crocodile-like snout and cone-shaped teeth, which hinted at a diet that consisted of fish. However, fossils of a young Iguanodon were found in the stomach of a Baryonyx, which was clear evidence that Baryonyx also fed on other dinosaurs as well as fish. I am thinking of giving one of my reverse engineered dinosaurs some of Baryonyx’s features in my dinosaur book.

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