I have revisited something from my childhood: the dinosaur segment of Disney’s Fantasia. This was the first time I was introduced to dinosaurs and I was in awe of the size, power, and majesty of these titans time forgot. When the Tyrannosaurus Rex took down a Stegosaurus, that was the first time I was introduced to the harsh reality of the predator/prey relationship. The extinction scene also broke my heart as I watched these beautiful giants slowly died out from thirst and starvation. As a prehistory buff, I must point out that this segment was completely scientifically inaccurate. It featured dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts from different time periods all living together, which would have been impossible because many of these creatures would not have met in real life since they were separated by millions of years of evolution. Also, the extinction scene was closer in nature to the Permian Mass Extinction, which predated the dinosaur extinction and was due to extreme climate change and constant drought. It should be noted that the segment was made decades before the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was discovered. Still, even though the segment was not scientifically accurate, it was enjoyable to watch.

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