Easily one of the longest running debates would be evolution vs creationism. It began when Charles Darwin presented the theory of evolution, which was met with sharp opposition from religious groups. These groups thought religion provided the only “facts” that mattered on how life began. The conflict between these two opposing concepts was essentially fact against myth, hard evidence against tall tales, and science against legend. Despite the fact that the groups who opposed the theory of evolution believed in the creation myth for nearly two thousand years, the overwhelming evidence that evolution exists caused the concept of evolution to gain a lot of support. Even though the theory of evolution has gained a lot of support, the debate between evolution and creationism still persists to this day. However, the opposition against evolution is much weaker than it was during Darwin’s day. I will include the conflict between evolution and creationism in my dinosaur book. The reason I am doing this is because the scientists are engaged in genetic engineering, terraforming, and artificial intelligence. All of that would make religious extremists to think the research team are playing God, which will force the extremists to take action against the experiment. The extremists’ interference is what causes all Hell to break loose, which will set the survival section of the story in motion.

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