Allow me to give you a little preview of my new superhero, Herawulf. He is the main character of my upcoming superhero book, Herawulf Rising: Origins. While most superheroes have one or two powers, Herawulf has twenty individual powers. He can use one power at a time easily, but using multiple powers at the same time puts a seriously debilitating strain on his body. His powers are the result of a government experiment that tried to create the ultimate superhuman soldier as part of a larger goal to conquer the world. In terms of background, Herawulf is a combination between Superman, Batman, and Captain America. He is a flawed character who did not originally intend to be a hero and started his crusade to avenge his mother. His methods to crime fighting are brutal, but he never kills unless he has no other choice. Despite being a controversial figure, Herawulf’s actions plant the seeds of change in a dark, cruel world. Even though superhumans have been around for over a century, Herawulf is the very first superhero to exist in his universe.

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