After much thought, I have an idea of what direction my superhero series will take after Herawulf Rising: Origins. As the title suggests, the first volume was just the origin story. The next volume will show what happens next. Let us focus on the main supervillain of the story. When the series began, he was the most powerful and sinful politician who ever lived yet was physically frail. He undergoes an extreme transformation to get his health back before losing all of his precious political power. With everything he built taken from him, the supervillain will start over from the ground up. With the government in disarray, the supervillain will take advantage of the ensuing chaos to seize as much influence as he could get his hands on before the dust settles. Throughout his quest to reclaim his political power, this supervillain takes on drug dealers, arms dealers, human traffickers, crooked cops, and all other kinds of filth. Throughout these engagements, his influence in the underworld would grow and his own criminal empire would take shape. By the time the series ends, he will transcend the power and influence he had when he was a politician. At the same time, Herawulf undergoes his own quest as the world around him changes due to the revolution his exploits inspired. After a century of oppression, Herawulf must undertake the task of giving the superhuman population a new purpose. Overall, the series will have many parallels that connect Herawulf and the main supervillain as they both undergo their respective rise to power in a changing world.

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