I just dug up something I kept locked away for many years: my fossil collection! Throughout my childhood, I have stockpiled on fossils ranging from ammonites to even dinosaur dung. Until middle school, my family and I would visit Quartzsite, Arizona (fossil capital of the United States). I would save up my annual allowance for the sole purpose of buying and collecting fossils from Quartzsite. My most prized fossil is a tooth from a Spinosaurus, one of the largest theropod dinosaurs that ever lived (picture above). Throughout my childhood, I have accumulated enough fossils to start a small museum. Every time I held a fossil, I felt as though I could envision the entire history that object witnessed. Holding a fossil is like walking through a time machine! Every fossil is an irreplaceable relic of our planet’s long history and must be treated as though it is worth far more than gold. Tonight, I got that feeling once again when I visited this collection for inspiration for my dinosaur book. An interesting thought crossed my mind while I looked through my collection. Every fossil you see in a museum is millions or thousands of years old, but what if there was an exhibit that displayed dinosaur bones that were only a decade old? When it comes to reverse engineering dinosaurs, would we erect such an exhibit with their remains after they die? It is something to think about when I write my dinosaur book.

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