Throughout prehistoric history, there have been rivalries between large theropod dinosaurs as they fought each other for prey and territory. I would say that the most noteworthy rivalry I learned about would be the rivalry between Allosaurus and Ceratosaurus. Both of these beasts were apex predators during the Jurassic Period and lived alongside one another at the same time. As a result, they often came into conflict with one another to find out who is the biggest and baddest carnivore. Allosaurus was larger and stronger than Ceratosaurus while Ceratosaurus was smaller and more agile. In the end, Allosaurus came out on top as the largest apex predator of its day while Ceratosaurus was a medium-sized predator forced to feed on the scraps of Allosaurus’s table. There were even times when Allosaurus preyed upon Ceratosaurus. Thanks to Allosaurus’s success, Allosaurus’s descendants would survive right up to the mid-Cretaceous Period while Ceratosaurus vanished into extinction. I am planning to depict a similar rivalry in my dinosaur book as a large apex predator competes with a medium-sized carnivore.

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