I have found something very intriguing about my dinosaur book. Because the reverse engineered animals are creatures that have not existed in real life, I am constantly brainstorming on what they would look like and how they would behave. Just when I think I have reach a finalized version, I come up with new ideas to incorporate with the design. It is a process that does not seem to end and requires just as much time and effort to accomplish as writing the story itself. Many of these creatures have combined physical features from other animals. For example, the new theropod dinosaurs will look like a combination of multiple real life theropods. Another example would be herbivores that look like a combination between real life plant-eating dinosaurs such as sauropods, hadrosaurs, and ceratopsians. In addition to the animals, I am also brainstorming on what the plant life would look like. I would have to decide if the vegetation would look like something from the Garden of Eden or some grotesque mutant from an alien planet. Overall, I am going to give my illustrator quite a challenge when the time comes to hire them. Of course, that challenge will only come if I can reach a final decision on what the creatures and landscape would look like.

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