Between the Permian and Triassic Periods, all of the continents were fused together into one supercontinent called Pangaea. At the same time, all of the oceans were fused together into a single global super ocean. The climate of a supercontinent is quite unusual and extreme. The edges of the supercontinent would be lush with forests and jungles due to being close to the moisture of the ocean. However, the center of the supercontinent tends to be dry desert due to being so far from the ocean. Unfortunately, as the supercontinent started to divide, the resulting earthquakes and volcanic activity caused two mass extinctions, one of which surpassed the extinction of the dinosaurs. They say that the amount of lava that was spewing from the Earth’s crust was enough to fill the Grand Canyon seven times! Some scientists theorize that a new supercontinent would form two hundred million years in the distant future.


  1. I’ve been trying work out how such super-continents would affect the earth’s equilibrium and balance.
    Imagine the monstrous contental weather systems! Weather itself would be so vastly different from what we now know.
    But the earth’s balance: would there be a wobble as it rotated, do you think? And how would that affect… everything?
    Mind blowing, really

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